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I am a long time player of Dofus and a few months ago (before Dofus came out on Steam) I was going to start playing again after a rather long break since a few of my friends have started playing once more.

The problem I am having is that before this I had made another account to play Wakfu and that account is linked to my Steam account. I am wondering how I can remove the other account so that I can add this one to it instead, or if it is even possible? I would like to be able to keep this account...
By Scorpeidies - 2013-07-11 12:05:13 in General Discussion
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The last time I played Dofus was in 2009, as you can imagine a lot has changed since then.. I remember being able to easily solo Piglets and so on in my prespic set on a Feca or soloing the Field dungeon on a low level Cra.. Well much to my surprise I am no longer able to do this! Now, I'm not complaining, I realize things change after all. Instead I'm going to ask what I should be doing right now. My Feca and my Cra are both level 50 (Intel for each) and I'm having trouble finding a reasonable place...