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The main reason it's being done is because they don't want to reward players who beat it under these conditions, but nothing's being done about the resources. Aren't the resources a greater reward than a few measly achievement points? If anything, allowing players to earn achievements twice seems like a much better reward than anything else, since it allows for even more kamas to be made. I say let it be, I don't think anyone cares about achievements and titles nearly as much as mats.
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For the record, I love the game art and graphics in terms of it's visual appeal. I have no problem with the way the game looks per se, my issue is more with the function rather than the form. The thing is though a lot of players can't enjoy the graphics, because as it stands now, players are forced to play a game that looks like this:

Which, again, is a shame because I love the game's visuals. The reason that players have to play in tactical mode, though, is that the game's visuals often cause...
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As it stands right now, it's too long. Often times what ends up happening is there's some fighting in the beginning (if that even happens at all), and then the victors have to stand and wait for 20+ minutes. The timer should be changed so that it goes by faster if one side has an overwhelming advantage. Maybe make it a ratio type thing, for example, if one side has 2x the score compared to every other alliance combined, it's domination clock runs 2x as fast; if the score's 3x as high, it goes...