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By Scaggles - 2013-10-31 18:36:18 in Zatoïshwan
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Wishing all of Zato a fun & spooky Halloween! Happy Boo! Day from Titans!

Front row - From Left to Right: Lindsay-Lohan (as the bat pumpkin), Turretz, Aleena, Incognitus, Owyn, Bloody-moon, Aurorasolar, Megatrne, Rascallon, Sushi, Paratrooper

Back row - From Left to Right: Gold-Diggerx, Rosette

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Hello all, Avarice is having a guild event this Saturday, October 5 at 7pm Dofus time! The event is only restricted because people racing their turkies will need paddock rights. However, anyone is welcome to join and spectate, bet on the winners, participate in the raffle (you get raffle tickets by showing up) and participate in the Hat contest! Lots of kamas and prizes up for grabs! Come join the fun!

By Scaggles - 2013-07-25 17:55:06 in Zatoïshwan
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Hey Zato! Thank you so much to all who contributed time and effort into getting all of the hearts needed to open the G&G slab room! We have a time set with Izmar to go for our Zato opening! (We would like to add a special thanks to Solar for generously agreeing to postpone their after-party so that we could have our opening!)

WHEN: Friday, July 26 at 7pm Dofus time
WHERE: Pinki Crater slab rooms, Vulkania

Note: To get in side the Pinki Crater, you will need to complete the Admission Crater...