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Robex Foggernaut Lvl 186 Rubilax
Sawper Osamodas Lvl 41 Rubilax
Blodex Sacrier Lvl 34 Rubilax
REM-Zenix Iop Lvl 8 Rubilax
REM-Xelex Xelor Lvl 6 Rubilax

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By Sawper - 2013-01-12 19:53:57 in Foggernaut
8 2965
not useful class because:

1- there's no damage and resist affect.every imperial parts or useful set has:
+aa% damage or +1lvl of fire, water, earth or air but at least aa% all element hasn't any effect on stasis.
2- you damage exactly -hp shown on the icon of stasis spell and this sucks because
on lvl 58,most powerful spell aynaloxide do -80 hp that is same ecaflip black bow meow do at lvl 55.
and still you cant use it ! why? because range,you do -hp on 2 friend on dung.
3- you lose 20 point for...
By Sawper - 2012-02-14 20:31:23 in Technical Issues
6 1811
when run wakfu updater,a ribbon appear and after reaching 100% say that :
wakfu has to be ok...
but nothing happen after time is same also.
what must i do?