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Goat To Be Kidding Osamodas Lvl 161 Rubilax
Goat Your Back Eliotrope Lvl 159 Rubilax
He'S Goat This Ouginak Lvl 159 Rubilax
Ayla Ryra Xelor Lvl 157 Rubilax
Ayla Lynn Sacrier Lvl 157 Rubilax
Goat-Cha Now Feca Lvl 126 Rubilax
Greedy Ol'Goat Enutrof Lvl 117 Rubilax
Ayla Willa Ouginak Lvl 99 Rubilax
Ayla Asha Osamodas Lvl 98 Rubilax

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Hey everyone!

When I mention in-game that I wish every guild could obtain a haven world, everyone seems to agree with me. I wanted to post here to hopefully bring this idea to the attention of the makers. 

There is so many benefits lost to guilds without a haven world: like the tax-free market, controlled crafting like the haven bag except you gain exp, buildings that open more bank slots and give more guild bonuses, a nice guild meeting spot, apply to make plvling pits to help guildies, etc