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Badoboss death animation was easily one of the BEST things on the game. What happened to it? Now he just dissapear like any other mob. What happened? Please tell me it's a bug; one of the most beautiful things of this game is the 2D animation, and there was so much love put into it, I would hate to see it go forever. ; _ ;
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I would love to see features like this since one of the things people complain the most is the xp needed to lvl up infinites. It could go along with +2 gold per win to not let people abuse and lose on purpose every match just to get more xp. These kind of things could set it even more apart from other card games!

In games like Heroes of the Storm, you unlock portraits of your hero once you reach certain level for you to use on your profile. This would be a great adition for the card unlocks (instead...
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It would be a shame to have nothing to celebrate and share the game to friends (when are we getting friend referral codes?) without having some nice gift/starter pack to them, since many feel that they are too behind people that started early. I know we are getting the end of the season and rewards, but new players need a little push to get in line. c:

Even something like 3 bronze packs is a lot!