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By Sarunojii - 2018-03-13 09:01:48 in General Discussion
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I just have one question, why does ankama refuse the idea of a global steam release?

Not to go into details about in game population but we've seen in numbers a drastic decrease in our player base and i think steam is the answer. The graphs speak for themselves and it's honestly heartbreaking ... and that's only echo the decline is way scarier on french servers.
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So there was a lot of twitter drama about dofus dying. Huge loss in player base since last update, visible in numbers on this graph. That's the result of many things..mono account servers being an absolute fail, broken economy in many servers, unbalanced pvp fights, people disliking the spell variants, the sudden success of fortnite lol, the list goes on...
So I really had to translate this forum entry called [FANLOG] UPDATE 2.49 ¾  from user Nazako12 Basically he discusses in detail,...