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Ferret Fox Sram Lvl 200 Nox
Trent Sacrier Lvl 200 Nox
Puddles O'Cuddles Masqueraider Lvl 200 Nox
Angry Trent Enutrof Lvl 189 Nox
Aislings Eliotrope Lvl 175 Nox
Elven Kind Eniripsa Lvl 104 Nox
Prime Evil Enutrof Lvl 6 Nox
Struggle Snuggles Sadida Lvl 6 Nox
Sugar Bear Sacrier Lvl 1 Remington
Albi The Racist Dragon Osamodas Lvl 1 Remington
Rude Boy Sacrier Lvl 1 Remington
Angry Trent Sacrier Lvl 1 Dathura

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By SamhainJay - 2015-10-15 15:14:43 in Trade
0 557
Looking to buy robowl boss mats
-sand x 20ish
-robowl feather x 5
-shared eps x2

also looking for decent priced SB feathers and dora from SB, ty

msg Trent in game please, ty
39 4873
As (whatever they deserve to be called) flock to the markets to camp for duped gear I have officially deemed wakfu too lame to play. It has become the equivalent of swimming in an outhouse; no matter how you look at it you are surrounded by pieces of crap. From hearing "dont tell anyone about that bug, im going to exploit it" in team speak, and " I dont give a crap about other people" in game, to people blatantly lame-gaining merit, and now people trying to flip duped gear to get rich, I just cant...