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By Sambo-uk - 2008-09-26 17:47:28 in Enutrof
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I am very very lazy to write everything again
so read this
and imagine i am (Blimy) speaking out the same things. XD

cheeky sambo~~

if you somehow see sambo-uk online thats mean you are too tired
take some rest.

if you see my team is online, that means you are pushing your limit
you need to take some reset seriouly or seek medical advice

(i might come up to feed pets until my p2p is gone)

crafting service will still only be avilable to my guild or...
0 535
I need it done man
with a pic of trapped monster might be a good idea
take the pic of the highest lvl in that soul will be good
or the pic of the boss of each area will be nice

having over 200+ souls in my pocket is not a joke
looking for a particular soul stone is a pain

if this can be done, pls do it sometimes
if its a hard job to do. forget about it

its something nice to have
it will ease my and some others life alot

good day sir.
take care~~