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netflix owns the streaming rights now and is helping them fund the projects we dont needa worry bout money, Netflix will throw cash at anyone with an idea and someone already with a team, done deal lol.
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all we know is season 4 and 5 are being worked on season 4 is a done deal but no release date yet. Also wanted to point out that no one else died at the end of season 3 other than the Owl wanna be Yugo forget his name, and the Enripsa demi goddess. The fake Yugo took them to another dimension thats like a sub station from the WOT to the god land. idk if that gate dimension was there before or was made by the fake Yugo i forgot but that was the only dimension destroyed. everyone is still alive, it...
By cody5 - 2017-02-16 00:19:26 in General Discussions
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Rushu killed the other 9 demon gods. but the gods do say back in the world of ten that they cant let Rushu join bc one he killed the other demon gods, and two they already have 5 dark god and 5 light gods so they gotta keep balance.