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Well, I and my brother had been doing the quest but in the step find signs that pakston and Lyanata in the Ghoulden Palace, he cliks the door in he room to update the quest and the fight began, so I join the fight to help him, in the end fight we drop the Starving Ghoulaurant skull but the quest for me doesn't update only for him and now I don't get the quest because I can't click to begin the fight, the door isn't clickable, I tried to relogin, close and reopen the game but anything work.
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think I'm on brakmar alignment quest 68. Salad Days Revisited. Trying to do the first hidden recipe for Funky Flour, says 20 hemp, 4 onions, 1 eni powder, and 2 eternal ashes, but it is a recipe for Dofus, any know the recipe for Dofus Touch ou the recipe before att 2.13 in Dofus, because doesn't exist eternal ashes in this patch on Dofus Touch