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Mijax Sram Lvl 134 Elbor
Orion Wolfheim Ouginak Lvl 77 Elbor
Rami Wolfheim Sadida Lvl 77 Elbor
Mijax Wolfheim Cra Lvl 71 Elbor
Krieg Wolfheim Foggernaut Lvl 59 Elbor
Loda Secluni Xelor Lvl 24 Dathura
Freyja Wolfheim Osamodas Lvl 17 Dathura
Mijax Ecaflip Lvl 15 Dathura
Vidar Wolfheim Foggernaut Lvl 13 Dathura
Atalante Sadida Lvl 5 Dathura

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im using

Air: Poison Arrow, PLaguing arrow
Earth: Riddling arrow, Destructive Arrow, Arrow Rain

pretty damn nice single target wise. no idea how to deal with the specialities yet :|
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tried this build on the beta a little, felt really good as a mid range ish? dpt with a decent amount of utility. will surely follow this on release thanks

also ... is not in the tooltip but Sublimation increases your portal limit from 2 to 4 or at least i think is sublimation since i was able to get 4 portals on training room and is the only "portal" based passive