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Devils Bride Sram Lvl 230 Rubilax
Wirinom Osamodas Lvl 230 Rubilax
Tezcatzontecatl Pandawa Lvl 230 Rubilax
Tatorusheru Feca Lvl 230 Rubilax
Lullababy Foggernaut Lvl 227 Rubilax
Tiger Of Kai Cra Lvl 215 Rubilax
Rudvan Xelor Lvl 204 Rubilax
Master Of Elements Huppermage Lvl 200 Rubilax
Bremir Rogue Lvl 194 Rubilax
Brier Heart Sacrier Lvl 192 Rubilax
Scolopendra Osamodas Lvl 162 Rubilax
Burn Baby Feca Lvl 149 Rubilax

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You can see recipe in professions tab, but when you go to the armoury only mythic and legendary options are visible.
Tried manual craft where you put materials yourself but it failed and i lost these materials.

This breastplate got a really interesting bug story.
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I think game needs 2 different outcomes for attacking and defending sides when they lose. Im myself usually attacking but even then i still understand how unfair it is for ppl with actual loot to die and lose it all while i myself
got nothing to lose and  just need to kill 1 mob in less than a minute and then activate pvp again.
Just so you understand my thinking process:

Ppl that are attacking doing that cos:
1) greedy for loot obviously 
2) stall so someone else can do whatever
3) for the fun...