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Hello shikians!!

I would like to Welcome any Player new/old, returning or starting to shika and offer you an invitation to our guild called Carnage Reborn

we were an active guild called Carnage around 3 years ago but have since returned with renewed passion and spirit and would like to offer an invitaion to join us to help encourage and assist any genuine player looking for some friends or a helping hand. for the time being we are only a lvl 19 guild (and growing stronger) we have a few Veteran...
By SORA-THE-CHOSEN-ONE - 2011-05-02 08:52:21 in Enutrof
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Hello everyone and thanks for reading this post!

Are You Looking For More Fun, Adventure and Good Company? maybe a leveling partner? or maybe just someone to go on a hunt with? if so keep reading!

I have recently just started up my own guild after being in so many great guilds! for example: Carnage, Piracy, Outer Heaven, The Walrords Arkanum, Reverse and MyGuild Rewards Me!
and i belive in all guilds there is one similarity!....the guilds are based on a strong bond of friendship/mateship which...