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By SOLUScat - 2013-01-28 22:19:15 in Xelor
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Hey, my agi xelor is level 153ish, currently scrolled wisdom and agi, will all points into wisdom. I am using full ceremonial rat set, trikidiki hammer, agi mastic ring, ebony mount and the respective agi trophies, this gives me 8/5, with 550 wisdom and 800ish strength with about 20 air damage.
Now i play this game completely pvm, so i don't need to worry about getting insane 12/6 sets or anything like that, anyway whats some good agi items from here on out?

ALSO, is daggers or hammer better? ,...
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Hi dofusians, the title says it all, where is a good place to solo train for 150 strength cra
I do try and find groups but it is hard, ive tried, fungi masters, kanigers, blops, pandawa island, koalaks, lousy pigs, cracklers, and none of these places are really working for me.
P.S hopefully a place with negative earth resistance.
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Scrolled 101 wisdom and int, Since 1 vs 1 pvp is dead hes pretty useless now, ( just came back)

Limbo wand
Graytess cloak
Nailed thong
Powerful dazzling belt
Almond and emerald
Some random amulet,
minotoor ring

Overall 12ap 6 mp
What should I do?, should I change element? or maybe should I reduce the ap and mp and just put on some damage items.
Coz atm he hits really bad.

P.S how come I can't trade mushrooms and nimble rings etc for scrolls.