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By S0uLB0unD - 2014-01-04 06:21:22 in Iop
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Greetings Dofus Forums,

I am an old player who played back in 1.29, but I'm new to 2.10 version of Dofus. I've created this post as I've hit a wall while levelling...I'm currently a lvl58 intel iop, I play on the Solar server and am a solo player (unfortunately I don't know anyone/have any friends on Solar). Link to my character page: Click here

I have been levelling mainly on dopples and mushd since around lvl50, but the exp isn't really that great and levelling is slow. I have tried blops, but...
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Hello, returning to Dofus after a hiatus reason I'm creating this thread as I'm going to reset my stats and roll int (till about level100). So I need some help on what spells to level, what gear to buy (I have more than enough kamas to afford anything), and in which areas I should be leveling (I am level54 right now, I solo).

Or if you could link me with an updated Int Iop guide that too would be great

Thank you in advance.
By S0uLB0unD - 2012-08-06 11:10:21 in Iop
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Hello, I'm a level 49 Strength Iop with full green kwak set (has very good stats/and pet). I'm really in need of place that gives pretty good experience. Right now I level at Scara's, but it takes about 40min-1hour to level up, which is far too long. I should also say that I'm a pretty anti-social player, and don't have any friends, and not a lot of kamas.