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According to Dofus population, Grandpan is only one server decreasing population.
Dodge has much more population 20000 ppl online and increasing population rapidly.

I am lvl40. 
Should I  leave dead server?
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The new boss Staff Deleghoul has all 130% resists.
There must be the way to lower his resists.

In the battle, ressists got lower to 60%, however, I dont know how resists decreased.
Anyone found how to nerf him?

By Ryrae12 - 2017-10-04 07:16:46 in Miscellaneous
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Hi, We got massive bot invasion around asturb and amakana.

Ankama plz login and take a look maps around village zaap. You see over 100 bots. Please take an immidiate action. I can not report them because they are too many.