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This is an unpopular opinion but I believe the Brutality sublimation for epic's is too much stats compared to any other Epic or Relic currently in-game. It gets a ton of raw stats, the current equipment available at endgame promotes melee and Aoe by raw stats, and it decreases build diversity by being best in slot without equal alternatives. 

1) It gives up to 800 Aoe mastery based on your total melee mastery when you meet its criteria (Aoe mastery > melee mastery). You lose the same amount...
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The enchanting system can give you a ton of benefits over the previous system, but also bring about a ton more frustrations and lack of progress. One can get lucky and get the sockets they need/want, which is nice. Others can roll the same item 4+ times and get nothing. 

I just spent the last 2 weeks trying to roll the 4th socket onto my boots. Crafting up to yellow for each, I made 4 Slippantir's. For those unfamiliar with this system, you have to have the exact item and rarity to destroy to have...
By RynthZero - 2018-07-01 12:11:35 in Trade
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