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When I enter my promotion code on the (Ankama Lottery website) nothing happens. In the top corner, a small "loading" icon pops up for about a second then goes away, and I am left with nothing, as if I hadn't entered anything at all. It's almost as if the "validate" button just refreshes the page instead of going through.

I know that these are proper codes, because if I enter in a random string of letters and hit "validate," red text appears that saysThe code you have entered is invalid. Please check...
By Rykor - 2007-09-03 01:21:56 in Suggestion Box
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I don't know if anyone else faces this issue, but for one of the internet browsers that I use (Opera for mac), the keyboard does not work with dofus.

as in I can't push '1' or '2' to use spells and such.

This also means that I cannot use the chat function, because unlike PMs, it does not have a 'send' button.

I would like to see this added into future dofus updates.

thank you.