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Eniripsa Lvl Omega 87 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 180 Temporis II
Eniripsa Lvl 36 Temporis II

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Hello, after mainatence I tried to log in but my character is not on the selection list after logging in.
I had an Eliotrop on Temporis
I would like it to be on Temporis II which is a combination of English-language servers, svp .
Nick : Aqa
Cheers!When I choose Temporis there is a window that pops-up ask me to "wait" than there is another one with "wait" and "interrupt" (I can wait for dozen of minutes and nothing happens, it just freezes) - I can login to echo and there is Temporis server to swap...
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Some mounts get their stats quicker than the others. When we segregate on for example Negative Serenity what we get is a list of newest in it. I would love to have it segregared on the highest value. Its important for breeders not to jump on the list looking for the value we need.

Also another thing is that the list mixes on every action. For example if Iam looking for mounts that rideable but also love sufficent and stamina sufficent - but I need only male mounts I use all avilable segregation...
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There is no error. It just wont let that happen by friend list icon.

Works when in the same guild.