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Uncle Fester Cra Lvl 112 Rubilax
Uncle Rico Eniripsa Lvl 112 Rubilax
Uncle Grunkle Feca Lvl 111 Rubilax
Uncle Andross Sacrier Lvl 100 Rubilax
Squirxical Jelly Sram Lvl 67 Rubilax
Uncle Leo Huppermage Lvl 66 Rubilax
NOX-Helping Hand Feca Lvl 46 Rubilax
Allistae Osamodas Lvl 19 Rubilax
NOX-Usokii Rogue Lvl 8 Rubilax
Skulltown Nelly Masqueraider Lvl 6 Rubilax

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I've been trying to solo play for a good while now, did fine in Incarnam, definitely wanting to be a Sacrier, problem is now that I'm in Amakna, I can't do anything alone. I'm level 9 wodent gear and I can't take on three bow-meows, that shouldn't be much of a challenge. I'm killing myself more than I can handle to actually stay in a fight. Smasher isn't worth the Angrr you have to build to use it, and Sacrier's Foot can be useful only to a point. What do I do to keep myself going and still stay...