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Hinahoho Sacrier Lvl 116 Rubilax
Unnei Feca Lvl 101 Rubilax
REM-Mariha Iop Lvl 54 Rubilax
REM-Garrou Ouginak Lvl 25 Rubilax
Gevv Enutrof Lvl 7 Rubilax

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By RowerSenpai - 2018-10-25 19:32:04 in Introductions
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Hi there,

So I've been playing Wakfu for quite a while and I love it but I've never been able to play it consistently cause I've been playing it all by myself. Simply having a group to play with would be great. ( Used to play a lot then quit for a long time and then return etc. )

If anyone else is looking for others play with just like myself please hit me up.
Having a new active and friendly guild would be really appreciated aswell.

Some info.
Server: Remington.
Class: Sacrier ( My love for sacrier...