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I'm currently doing Temporis 7; Sorry I can't assist on Echo at this time. smile

Just a humble and friendly veteran and self-proclaimed fanboy of the Krosmos. I mainly play Dofus at the moment, though I have delved into into other services like Wakfu, Krosmaga, and Dofus Arena in the past - as well as practically every phone app Ankama has released.

I'm always happy to provide help and support to all who need, so feel free to get in touch! I try my best to scout out threads on the forums which I can provide my input on.

99% of the time I am just messing around on the Echo server on Dofus. If you're in need of an extra set of legs to stand on a random tile or are in need of some crafting, feel free to contact me, Roudan, in-game and I'm sure I can help out. smile

Profession Levels 07/01/2022:
Alchemist 200
Farmer 200
Fisherman 200
Hunter 80
Lumberjack 200
Miner 60
Artificer 14     Craftmagus 1
Carver 24     Carvmagus 1
Handyman 102
Jeweller 51     Jewelmagus 1
Shoemaker 2     Shoemagus 1
Smith 164     Smithmagus 1
Tailor 68     Costumagus 65


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Osamodas Lvl 82 Talkasha
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Forgelance Lvl 47 Talkasha
Pandawa Lvl 45 Talkasha
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One of the best things about Merchant Mode was the convenience of having quick access to certain items right where you needed them (such as keys) - and while sometimes you'd be paying a premium - that was the cost of being lazy.

I'd like to propose a consumable (or multiple consumables) that brings back that level of convenience. It should require a certain level to use (60 - as that's the limit of the Astrub market), be non tradable outside of your own characters, be non-craftable, and be bought...
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I like to check the inventory of my merchant mode character on an alt from time to time to make sure it's still stocked up. I did the same just now and decided to hop on that account as my stock was low: I was in Bonta at the time.
When I logged in, I was immediately teleported to the Temple of the Twelve in Astrub. It turns out my subscription expired 5 hours ago.

I'm not sure if a character will be booted out of merchant mode after a set amount of time being f2p - but merchant mode is a subscription...
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The Shihan and Hanshi Essence and Nagate Essence appear to be incorrectly labeled as Obsolete Crafting Resources (the same label given to old crafting resources after Pandala Island got revamped).

The resources to craft these are still obtainable from their respective bosses, and the essences can still be used to craft breeder items.

When exchanged with the Resource Steward the items can't be converted into anything.