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Simply a humble veteran travelling amongst the Krosmos. I'm a proud supporter of Ankama and the services they provide.

Dofus: SUBBED/ACTIVE - Raising an Ouginak alt, currently level 8x. Raising woodcutting and alchemist professions on main account. + a secret project in the works.

Dofus Touch: INACTIVE - Haven't really gotten past Incarnam, as I decided to return to Dofus on PC instead after DLing it.

Wakfu: INACTIVE - Bit pooped out that the guild I was part of disbaneded. Taking a break as I'm back on Dofus.

Dofus Pets: ACTIVE - Neutral adult boone, 3 days until next stage. (Feel free to add 'Roumo' to your friends!)

Krosmaga: ACTIVE - Rank 6. Working on training to unlock other Gods.

Krosmaster Arena: ACTIVE - Mostly only playing it for daily Kroz.
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2020-02-07


Feca Lvl 119 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 82 Echo
Cra Lvl 43 Echo
Enutrof Lvl 28 Echo

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By Roumo - 2011-08-03 12:57:52 in General Discussion
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With all the hackings that have been going on, I believe it is a great time to review and improve your account security! I'm sure that most of you reading already know everything listed below. You probably don't even need to follow any of it because you follow all of it naturally anyway, right? RIGHT?! Well, for those of you who are less-security wise or are just wanting to learn new ways of keeping your Ankama account more safe and secure, this thread is for you!

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It's easy to play. Simply look for the Feca in the screenshot below;

HINT: Follow your nose!


(A note to the MOD who moved this: This isn't some form of Roleplay and doesn't belong in the Spitting Bwork Tavern. It was intentionally just for pointing out the wall glitch. If anywhere, it should have been moved to 'Problems and solutions' and had a name change.)