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Just a humble and friendly veteran and self-proclaimed fanboy of the Krosmos. I mainly play Dofus and Krosmaga at the moment, though I have delved into into other services like Wakfu and Dofus Arena in the past.

I'm always happy to provide help and support to all who need, so feel free to get in touch! I try my best to scout out threads on the forums which I can provide my input on.

Looking for a friendly guild and aren't interested in being involved with pvp, prisms, commitments,  etc? Ultraviolet welcomes you with open arms! smile

99% of the time I am just messing around on the Echo server on Dofus. If you're in need of an extra set of legs to stand on a random tile or are in need of some crafting, feel free to contact me, Roudan, in-game and I'm sure I can help out. smile

Profession Levels 23/08/2020:   (updated weekly)
Alchemist 169
Farmer 200
Fisherman 67
Hunter 76
Lumberjack 39
Miner 51
Artificer 13     Craftmagus 1
Carver 24     Carvmagus 1
Handyman 102
Jeweller 51     Jewelmagus 1
Shoemaker 2     Shoemagus 1
Smith 42     Smithmagus 1
Tailor 68     Costumagus 65


Feca Lvl 185 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 82 Echo
Cra Lvl 45 Echo

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By Roumo - 2011-08-03 12:57:52 in General Discussion
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With all the hackings that have been going on, I believe it is a great time to review and improve your account security! I'm sure that most of you reading already know everything listed below. You probably don't even need to follow any of it because you follow all of it naturally anyway, right? RIGHT?! Well, for those of you who are less-security wise or are just wanting to learn new ways of keeping your Ankama account more safe and secure, this thread is for you!

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Your account name...
10 2601
It's easy to play. Simply look for the Feca in the screenshot below;

HINT: Follow your nose!


(A note to the MOD who moved this: This isn't some form of Roleplay and doesn't belong in the Spitting Bwork Tavern. It was intentionally just for pointing out the wall glitch. If anywhere, it should have been moved to 'Problems and solutions' and had a name change.)