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Roseskywalker Osamodas Lvl 149 Rubilax
Mole Esther Enutrof Lvl 149 Rubilax
Doctor Killjoy Eniripsa Lvl 149 Rubilax
Spleen Black-Tail Ouginak Lvl 118 Rubilax
Sheen Black-Tail Ecaflip Lvl 118 Rubilax
Jake Daniel'S Pandawa Lvl 118 Rubilax
Masofist Sacrier Lvl 118 Rubilax
Nuclear Missile Cra Lvl 104 Rubilax
Rayda Napster Iop Lvl 92 Rubilax
Calcium Killer Sram Lvl 87 Rubilax
Nextturnpending Xelor Lvl 73 Rubilax
Giados Eliotrope Lvl 28 Rubilax
Dole Lower Sadida Lvl 26 Rubilax

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Ankama Box only lets me send messages to people in my friend list, trying to send a message to someone else (FakeNameHere#1234) will result in the form deleting the name and remaining empty.

When trying to directly contact someone through the contact button on their Ankama profile, an empty webpage loads such as
Lenny is an alt account of mine.
Browser: Firefox version 99 64bit
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Now that we finally have shared mount skins, it would be really dope to be able to buy the Meridian Boowolf Mount skin after a year of logging in, instead of having obtain yet another mount that must be levelled to 50. For a reward that is this hard to get, it is not cool to also have to wait yet another 50 days before it is usable compared to your first mount.