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Ronoras Ouginak Lvl 153 Rubilax
Bethac Foggernaut Lvl 24 Rubilax
Naranos Sadida Lvl 22 Rubilax
Tioroc Iop Lvl 12 Rubilax

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I asked how to get the other things, because I already had the cape and hat and didn't know how to get that Nest and Globe.

I just realised, that the other Anniversary items are not craftable!
The other items can be achieved by an event achievement! (Dragon Egg Nest, Krosmoz Globe, 10-Year Journal)
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I seem to be unable to craft the other anniversary-item than the cape and hat. so how to craft them? Tried to make up recipes but without luck so far.
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We are a group of 5 with Steam-Linked Accounts from all over germany and different providers. Could login yesterday normally. Nobody could login today, because there's no typical steam-login with the launcher. It just shows the "type in username and password".