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Wokku Osamodas Lvl 141 Rubilax
Dark Root Sadida Lvl 124 Rubilax
Roku Eniripsa Lvl 120 Rubilax
Shyld Ornot Sacrier Lvl 117 Rubilax
Pourpre Huppermage Lvl 116 Rubilax

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Is there any date set when it comes to the next class revamp? Is the next class even chosen? Or did Ankama take a break from class revamps to focus on the things in the roadmap? 
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I played Wakfu for a long time but about 1,5-2 years ago I took a break. Now I'm thinking of comming back but have a few questions:

1. Is the level scaling already in the game? 
2. I logged in for a moment and seen that all my spells were the same level as my characters, so I understand that we don't have to level up spells anymore? Just skills? 
3. Is Osa and Sram viable? That's the 2 characters I'd like to play (plus one more)
4. Is there any news on Osas revamp? From what Ive seen its STILL...