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By Rocket-Relm - 2017-06-03 09:50:37 in General Discussion
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I've looked around, and I can't find any information anywhere on the subject. When the Weeknd ends, and you have a draft still available, do you lose the draft outright, or can you pick up where you left off next week?

I presume the latter, but it might be the former, and this would be a really sucky thing to learn the hard way.
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I figured I'd put this in the bugs section as it's own thread, where it may be more appropriate. The card "Magmog Le Boufrog" is missing from the game entirely after the most recent patch. Not craftable, not in collection, or anywhere. It's not in the patch notes anywhere as being removed from the card collection.
By Rocket-Relm - 2017-03-30 13:39:48 in General Discussion
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I'm considering making a Cra deck, and one of the cards that looks incredibly appealing is Lynx Eye, if it grants Range to a unit. However, it is not a card I want if it can only be used on units that already have Range. I don't want to waste 270 dust crafting these only to figure out they don't work in the way that would make them useful to me. (To be fair, this would be insanely powerful if it did work that way, so I'm kind of expecting not, but hopeful thinking).