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The resource protectors that randomly appear during the harvesting process (farmer/alc) were made supposedly to break the programming thread of a harvester bot. However, contemporary programs easily loop this primitive hurdle. In point of fact, resource proctectors establish the dominance of bots by effectively breaking our resource queues, which is irritatingly time-consuming; the automated queuing system of a bot effectively minimizes time consumption for them. Food for thought, Ankama?
By Robeine - 2012-06-12 09:09:43 in Professions
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I think this should clear up most all the basics in any kind of maging really.

Consider an item to be a jewel, with different diamonds (stats) studded on to it.
Some are huge diamonds, some are small.

When you sink a stat, you prise out a certain amount of diamonds from the jewel.
This leaves a certain depression in the jewel, or a small hole, say, which can be referred to as a sink.

Once you make a hole, you will find it easier to fill it up with diamonds of suitable size, as you do not...