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When I was Locked in the basement I knew I made the naughty list due to my greedy enutrof ways. (Fortune)atley enough I still had coins in my pocket to throw at the window to break free.

As I broke the window I concealed myself under a bag in the room as father kwismis ran to see what had happened. Confused about the broken window leading outside he charged through the wall trying to find me outside running for my life.

As he searched outside frantically I stole all his presents and delicious...
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Pandasaur|2019-08-02 01:25:57also I think you guys should consider adding new trophies to boost the economy within the servers... players sitting on a few hundred million kamas or up near the billion mark would have something to invest in (pebbles etc) for new trophies vs having no new sets that allow for 12/6 ish

yeah that would be nice
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Pandasaur|2019-07-07 02:01:06I appreciate the feedback! I've noticed we all have been neglected on a majority of requests regarding game changes. I think they base all decisions based on the more active french servers when it comes to big updates however being in a smaller less populated server these changes really hurt the community and economy within that server.

This is the only idea that I can think of that would potentially help every server big or small which allows everyone an equal chance...