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Marivanna Enutrof Lvl 38 Nox
Victoria Winters Sram Lvl 12 Nox
Zayka Osamodas Lvl 9 Nox
Kittin Sram Lvl 9 Nox
Marfa Sram Lvl 7 Nox

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After YEARS of high hopes and anticipation, you cannot expect disappointed players to leave quietly. I think that people really wanted to love this game, that is why they are qq-ing. I don't see anything wrong with that.
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I like Wakfu mainly because I find the game play and the graphics relaxing.

I do not care about unbalanced classes, resets and bugs. I quit playing because I find social aspect of the game frustrating (no tools like in-game messaging, no guild storage, market orders etc, etc). Like other posters here, I cannot help but compare Wakfu to other games. If Wakfu is a sandbox, then there is just not much sand to play with.

To be fair, now that I quit Wakfu, I don't play anything at all. So it is not...