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Nari Sandpaw Ecaflip Lvl 174 Remington
Amiko Sandbirch Eniripsa Lvl 126 Remington
Rimali Sandpaw Ecaflip Lvl 119 Remington
Aeri Sandbirch Sadida Lvl 108 Remington
Ian The Rock Sacrier Lvl 98 Remington
Nari Amara Ecaflip Lvl 44 Dathura

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So Ankama decided to limit Trapper Boxes from Monster Resources to actual Trapper harvest.
The box kept these resources from clogging up players inventories, desperately needed at the low and midlevel range, where inventory and storing space is limited and players swap often between different monster families. Now they've got to stop their playing flow more often, to evaluate if they might need certain stuff in the future and decide which items to throw away, without knowing all market values.

By Rimali - 2016-11-18 18:50:23 in Suggestions
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The developers currently plan to remove keys, to encourage players to try dungeons at harder difficulties and reduce the punishment after failed attempts. Without going into lengths why removing the keys is problematic on several levels (the french players already addressed that), i want to propose a different approach with the same results the developers named as their reasoning.

Instead of removing keys once a character enters the dungeon, a key is only consumed after the boss was beaten.