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By RikudouSennin - 2010-05-16 20:01:35 in Suggestion Box
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I think there should be an optional flag displaying your guild logo, that you can equip to your mount, or even carry while not on a mount.
This would be for perc, pvp, and prism reasons.

I've always been fascinated by war, and I think this would just be a good idea.
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The Miner room in blacksmith is the laggiest thing I have ever seen.
I run two accounts through the whole dungeon, but nothing ever lags like that.
It's all because of the candles that are constantly swaying back and forth on their heads, and I think that is unneeded.
It lags to the point of which I can't even move, click ready, attack, or pass my turn. It takes forever for the fight to end, if I'm lucky enough to get a successful click on one of the miners.

Please take note of this, and try to...