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Lucyl Sram Lvl 122 Remington
Tynan Iop Lvl 104 Remington
Xa Coviel Masqueraider Lvl 94 Remington
Nashter Eliotrope Lvl 94 Remington
Demon Cyborg Foggernaut Lvl 71 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Riiko96 - 2018-09-05 01:06:41 in Fan Art
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Hello everyone, here I am again, back from the realm of the Shushus (?).
I decided to crate a new thread in this forum to share and show my most recent Wakfu related works. For the ones who have never seen me around, I'm Riiko and I used to play Wakfu a lot some years ago; now I'm trying to get back to it, little by little. Some of you might have seen my old Art thread, I'm starting a new one because my skills improved in these years and I don't want to mix old stuff with new one.
Well, enjoy!!A...
By Riiko96 - 2018-08-18 02:39:26 in Trade
0 408
Hello everyone, I'm trying to get back to the game (haven't played it in 2 years now) and I need a Sex and Appearance Change Potion. I'm not sure if it's possible to trade it, in case it isn't please let me know.
Propose the price and I'll consider the offer!!
By Riiko96 - 2016-02-24 16:09:23 in Trade
1 620
I'm trying to get rid of some things I don't use anymore or that I'm not interested in, please help me!!
WTT / WTSValkyrie costume Ninja costume Brakmarian umbrella (emote) Bontarian umbrella (emote) Rack your Brains (emote) Black Crow Haven Bag Osamodas Haven Bag Baby Schnek lvl. 50 + edible stasili x 100 max
WTB / what I'm interested in trading
Frida Mofette costume Reindeer costume Decorations for Haven Bag (make your offer and I will see if I'm interested or not; I'm looking for a table in particular,...