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Member since 2016-08-29


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Eniling Eniripsa Lvl 165 Efrim
Memoria Sram Lvl 127 Efrim
Xelodo Xelor Lvl 108 Efrim
Dasamo Osamodas Lvl 77 Efrim
Peroto Eliotrope Lvl 38 Efrim

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Ricardoflip - 2019-07-08 14:13:55 in Guides
3 235
Work in progress...
If you know the missing values, please post then in the thread. Thank you.
Also the level bracket is probably wrong in the first levels...LevelMax 20Max 25Max 30Max 40Max 50Max 60Max 80Max 120Max 160Shards1 [1-35]12125346812 [36-80]25341068121633 [81-95]3746159121874 [96-110]4106820121624155 [111-125]1271025152030316 [126-140]15101430212842637 [141-155]152035301278 [156-170]1940393199 [171-185]244589510 [186-200]202530405060801201603199
Table with effects + maximum value that...
By Ricardoflip - 2019-07-08 00:04:26 in Guides
17 940
RRR     Ruin (3x)
10% indirect damage (damage caused by the state bearer outside of their turn)
Obtainable: Level 30 handyman recipe

BBB     Devastation (1x)
+1 WP, -20 Force of Will
Obtainable: Grozepin (0.4%) (Hotfix 1.64.2 - 9.7.19)

GGG      Devastate (2x)
All Masteries and Resistances: +10
Obtainable: Sor'Hon, Lord of the Flame (0.4%) Zinit part 2

RRG      Carnage (3x)
40 Elemental Mastery if HP > 90%
Obtainable: Ashdragon (0.4%) Zinit part 2

RRB      Healing (3x)
0 43
The amounts of ingredients required in recipes have generally been reduced by 25–30% (excluding rarity improvement recipes).Just checked kaw breastplate, Archmonster Hunter Emblem recipes and nothing was reduced.