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Glitched spots have been around for well over a year and whilst they're nowhere near as bad as they were when the problem first came about (it was literally like trying to walk around an invisible maze) they are still there. In some cases this can very easily cost you the fight since:

- They don't affect other players, only you are stuck with this glitched tile
- They block Line of Sight and nothing can be cast on them
- When first discovering them, it's often by accident as you try to...
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Sometimes, when I enter a prism fight I get a black screen whilst the map starts to load up. A few seconds later, Dofus locks up and an error report pops up and tells me that Dofus needs to close. This is rather annoying and a waste of bread/honour points because it makes me leave the prism fight.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? And is there anything I can do to fix this?