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love how they have "major" problems to sort out but never share the reason why we're forced to wait an extra hr or 2 of some of our sub times without a proper explanation.

leaving your payers in the dark leads to a massive rebellion ankama XD
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I dont see what the big deal is really? even a group made up by 1 person can be full of flaws they've not yet encountered, as to a group of people not of one entity where there is teamwork problems, thats it XD

its all the same thing really, its still a small portion of PvP, and as such every group has weaknesses, exploit them and the fights over.

imo, people that complain about how to use their brains in a "STRATEGY" game really need to open the box their all thinking inside of, and see the much...
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well either sit around on a server with no community or move to the server with the highest populace to gain more then what you may lose. XD its really that simple.