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I mean, currently as a level 150, i'm being matched against level 199s and 200s far often than i'm being matched against people around my level. I couldn't care less what their rating was, if they're a level 200 with any half-acceptable set - there's not a chance i'm going to win.

Instead, shouldn't it be that Kolossium matches players who are around 20-30 levels range and make the teams based as equal as possible on rating.

Obviously Ankama has thought about this, but what do you guys think...
By Reveration - 2016-01-03 00:50:05 in Problems and solutions
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EDIT 2 - Approximately how long will this maintenance take? Please give us a rough idea. If it's going to be several hours, some of us will check the damage done tomorrow. On the other hand, if it's done within an hour or two we can check the damage tonight *cough Australia cough*. The least you can do is give us a rough expectation so that we can waste less time than what has already been wasted. Thank you.

"Hello everyone, DOFUS game servers will be cut at 11:30 in order to proceed to the general...
By Reveration - 2015-12-29 08:31:06 in Iop
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Hey all, hope you're all having a beautiful day.

I've recently created an Iop and i'm so confused about what build to focus on. I used to have a level 85 agi iop back in the day, but now I guess everything has changed..

Any suggestions, I have approximately 5mk to put for her.

Thanks for the input