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Hi i'm trying to get the crimson dofus right now and i'm stuck at this quest where i have to pass the minotoror dungeon. Apparantly I need to get two relics (quest items) from these two special monsters, I've been camping here for a couple of hours beating small-to-mid size mobs trying to get them to spawn but they just don't appear. Am i supposed to just keep going here or should i just stop trying altogether? I don't want to waste my subscription time (only a week). I also can't get a party together...
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I'm doing this Vigilantes quest. It's called welcome to third grade. It's very vague as to what I need to do. I got the training sheet from the training room, went to the combat room and tried to talk to Qil Bil but nothing happens. I look in the quest window and it says "train the recruit to fight bad guys". No idea what to do so I go look up Dofus wikia (Click here) and it basically says to take a captured bounty monster to the recruit to then fight. Well how does this work? How can I capture...
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I have the stuff but Antyklime Ax's blue question mark isn't showing. I can't proceed with the quest.