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Alvaaron Xelor Lvl 169 Remington
Remieriel Sacrier Lvl 126 Remington

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By Remieriel - 2016-03-10 12:06:16 in Xelor
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Hi peeps.
Title pretty much says it all.
How do my Sinistro and Hydrand levels up?
Is it by how many times I summon them, how many damage they inflict, how many mobs they kill on their own, what type of mobs they kill on their own, or.. some other things?
Any form of help much appreciated  
By Remieriel - 2015-07-03 04:01:14 in Enutrof
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Hi Twelvians ^^

I just hit level 80 today and am right now in the training room for a restat.
I would like to ask your opinion on my current selected build - specifically, the pro n cons of my build, as well as any improvements or suggestions. (disclaimer: this isn't my build per se, but is put together based on the readings of the much valuable writings of fellow greedy enus )

Main: Water/Earth (with 1 leveled up fire spell for convenience)

Water - Rascalry, Tax
Earth - Killer Spade,...
10 1724
Hi Twelvians! (wave)

Newbie here with some questions
First off, I think the title is self-explanatory..
So I've been playing alone in the guild for, like, 2 months (give or take? lonely was I at several points of time) and will soon not be able to play for 1 whole month due to coming holiday..
Say, if I really am the last surviving member and didn't log on for a period of time, will the guild perish into oblivion?
And if yes, just how long is the permitted period of time before Xelor picked us...