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Folie Xelor Lvl 138 Rubilax
Lipsin Sram Lvl 92 Rubilax
Reksinor Cra Lvl 37 Rubilax
Werval Belgirn Enutrof Lvl 11 Rubilax
Best Waifu In Show Sadida Lvl 1 Rubilax

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I'm an old sub who's been browsing the forums lately and decided to resub.
When I tried to pay with my credit card, I got the "This payment method has been blocked" error.
I've canceled none of my payments to Ankama, and was able to play for the entirety of the 3 month subscription bundles that I bought.
I sent a ticket in last night, but have yet to receive a reply. The ticket reference is SJZ-529764.

Please let me do video game stuff.

Update: I tried using my alt account instead, which I used...
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I was digging through my spam folder the other day and saw a promotional email dated for the third from Ankama. Said email told me that I would receive 10 free subscription days and 30 phoenix scrolls by logging back into the game. I found the phoenix scrolls in my gift interface, but I still have unsubscribed status.
How do I fix this?