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Member since 2014-01-21


Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-15


Reg Xelor Lvl 200 Phaeris
Le Pôle Danseur Xelor Lvl 200 Phaeris
Reg'S Pet Rock Feca Lvl 200 Phaeris
Flutter Tree Sadida Lvl 200 Phaeris
Ero No Kangoshi Eniripsa Lvl 200 Phaeris
Pew Pew Pew Chan Cra Lvl 197 Phaeris
Backpack Enutrof Lvl 153 Phaeris
Test Subject One Chell Eliotrope Lvl 139 Phaeris
Ashley Ketchum Osamodas Lvl 136 Phaeris
Yamamayaa Ecaflip Lvl 130 Phaeris
Cat Person Ouginak Lvl 130 Phaeris
Reg Youtube Xelor Lvl 27 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

29 2324
I've sacrificed 3 OGW, 4 Legendary Siro Amulet, 3 Legendary Forg Cloak, 2 Souv Panda Hat, 1 Tramo Ring, 2 Legendary Coat of Chain, since the 1.64 Update went Live.

The Results,
OGW - 3 slots (15 Charges + 1 used)
Siro - 4 slots (18 Charges + 1 used)
Forg Cloak - 4 slots (15 Charges + 1 used)
Panda Hat - 3 slots (10 Charges + 1 used)
Tramo Ring - 4 slots (4 Charges + 1 used)
Coat of Chain - 2 slots (10 Charges + 1 used)

No big deal, just bad RNG. Until someone discovered the Enchantment Free Slot...
2 168
I'm pretty sure I've done every possible available quest pre 1.64. But the Pandalucia main quest never trigger for me on the first log-in after 1.64 went Live.

Update: Seems like my old quest progress was erased without me knowing it, retracing the entire quest all over again seems to fix the problem.
4 643
Apart from the poor Transition from 1.63 maxed gears to 1.64 with poor previous progress compensation, (Only value of Rune is return in shards, Kamas Invested GONE, Upgrade Resource Invested GONE)

A lot of my Maxed Full runed Epics / Relics are missing their Epic / Relic runes in the unidentified state. Specially those that are in Chest, and my Alternate Characters.

Edit: Seems like it's a know issue, we'll see if it'll be resolve on 1.64.1 Hotfix. This is the only bug I've encountered so far...