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By RedBloodz - 2010-02-03 19:05:35 in Enutrof
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Hey guys, I wanna know what to wear at Lv. 60 for a PvP Enu and what to switch to when gaining level ups till 80, ty for the help =]
By RedBloodz - 2010-01-28 09:52:10 in Sacrier
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Well I decided I'd go with an Agi Sacrier (I'm Lv. 72 atm), but now I need some help with choosing what equips to wear, can anyone reccommend me some?

Money is no problem, but I don't like to buy things that cost like 1mk or more, ty for the help

Agility Equips atm:

Eachure Hat: 51 Agi, 51 Vit
Rags: 10 CH, +2 Dam, 76 Ini, 10 Cha
Blessdags: Damage 10 to 14 (Air), 36 Cha, 37 Vit, 4 CH, -17 Str, 34 Agi
Aerdala Amulet: 24 Vit, 29 Agi, +2 Dam, +1 AP
Ring Dikuloos: 60 Agi, 298 Ini
Aerdala Wedding Ring:...