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 Hello all!

I recently made and ouginak and only level 50 for now.. I have gear for strength up until about level 120- so I was wondering what equipment I should upgrade into after that. I'm thinking the 150 ish range or should I go agi/Intel at 120 . I have about 5mil in kamas, dokoko  , crimson dofus, and lots of trophies including mp reduction ( mostly PvP thing)

The reason I'm not going for the strength build endgame is because I know a lot of monster will out damage my tanking ability.....
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hey all!

i am recently getting back into dofus because two friends want to try it again. we are all starting over and just had a few questions :

1.) they are playing sram , and iop. so im guessing this puts me in the support role, who would be a good fit, easy to learn? im new to spell variants and it all looks so strange to me..

2.) as the supportive player , is there any that have solo capability ? some one who can farm mats wile my friends are at work and such.. or would i have to make an alt...
By Red-Dawn-Member - 2017-08-20 23:03:56 in Sram
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hello guys ,

i am a level 199 str/agi sram. i remember switching over to the class because it seemed fun, and tactical (which i enjoy) . i decided to go str/agi route, and here are the reasons why:

i play with a friend 153 int rogue, and another friend who started he is 83 (and raising fast) chance enu.

please , since its been a wile since i have played around on this character could someone give me tips and advise. here are my problems :

1.) damage - i dont seem to be pumping the numbers i think...