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Melassus Enutrof Lvl 133 Rubilax
Zetote Eliotrope Lvl 97 Rubilax
Nixowet Ouginak Lvl 91 Rubilax
Zonant Huppermage Lvl 65 Rubilax
Nossu Ecaflip Lvl 61 Rubilax

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By Razetime226 - 2020-10-19 00:40:26 in Suggestions
4 101
A custom battlefield in youw haven bag is a weally good idea fow a new item. you would be able to place a battle pocket, then customize it with vawious items and outew hazawds fwom the game, cweating a unique awea fow combat that evewyone could enjoy. this would make pvp fights mowe cweative and fun fow evewyone, pewhaps with wewawds fow beating othew people in theiw custom battlefield. you would also be able to decowate this pocket with haven bag decowations, ow maybe just diffewent themed battlefields...
By Razetime226 - 2020-10-14 17:03:28 in Suggestions
22 436
Ankama, please make a wabbit class. it would be fun fow newew playews, and could be executed in a vawiety of balanced and fun ways. it would add newew ways to play fow oldew playews. also i suppose some people would like lenalds, and they could be intewesting, but not as intewesting as wabbits. (cleawly unbiased)