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Hello, my name is Ravi and I used to be a member of this game 9 years ago. My character name was Ravinater. While I played I met so many wonderful people, and soon ended up meeting a fellow named Calimeros who was key to Black Moon's rising. I am proud to say that the times were very good and memories are happy of Black Moon.

But I ended up having to get back to real life and left dofus behind sadly. I feel as though I betrayed my guild by leaving them all behind.
Unlucky-Kat, Kickballs, Calimeros,...
By Ravi707 - 2010-08-28 22:54:40 in Zatoïshwan
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Black Moon

Hi all. I'm here to tell you all about a pretty awesome guild named Black Moon. Our website tells mostly everything about our awesome guild. But so you guys don't have to go there (If you have slow walmart connection like I do) I will post all the information you need right here:
Level Requirement:
We want the best, So 120 and up.
What is the Guild Average?
Our guild average is 152 at the moment

Paddocks and Guild House?
3 Large Paddocks, An Enormous shoemaker house, and 2 other...