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Member since 2018-04-26


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Riftwalku Eliotrope Lvl 27 Remington
Kenku The Raven Huppermage Lvl 12 Remington
Indiana Johnes Enutrof Lvl 3 Remington
Ravenku Huppermage Lvl 1 Nox

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Have same problems... First i tried to play and i was dc-ed almost every 15 minutes of play and now I can't even choose the server.
I mainly played at remington international server, but after i was kicked to log in screen few times in few minutes... i tried the north america one.
... and it was even worse. No chance to fight even first monster. Lags were so hughe it was unplayble.
So i tried to go back to remington. Unfortunately now i can't log in at all at any server. I'm loging in and game is...