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Sensanna Eniripsa Lvl 176 Remington
Allosius Masqueraider Lvl 176 Remington
Ficelle Bel Mar Eliotrope Lvl 176 Remington
Aitre Sram Lvl 135 Remington
Dunami Sram Lvl 3 Phaeris

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I have recently come back, jumping right into the new system. I am level 168 across my characters and I got a bit unlucky here and there, lucky in some other places with item rerolls. I find the new system pretty intriguing and I don't really understand all the hate that this community is spewing left and right. I get it, your perfect items are not as perfect anymore. Do you think this is uncommon for MMORPGs and Amakna is just out of touch? Let's look at how some other games handle similar changes...
By RangerMikefield - 2016-03-11 12:22:48 in Cra
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I always play in a team of 6 (me, my heroes and friend + his heroes). I don't really need MP to kite, I barely ever take damage. Should I consider picking up bonus Final Damage instead of MP at 125? I'm running AP and RANGE for majors right now.