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Ordered a server transfer to Rushu so I'll be there tomorrow I'm looking for a fun ( preferably talkative aswell ) guild, preferably not with too many endgame levels. I like teaching other people the ropes of the game and being in an endgame guild usually means being in a guild with just 1-2 people with 8 chars . . . xD.

I'll be online after the maintenance up untill around 12:30 dofus time ( got work at 14h ). My IGN will most likely be Excynic unless some other random took it already ^^.
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Feel free to move this if it's in the wrong section.

I saw the character to account transfer service and it's abit unclear to me on certain aspects.

1) If I use this service to transfer my character to a newly created account using the service, will I keep the community the old account has ( currently English community ) or will I use my IP's community ( my IP is from Belgium so a Dutch community )? I made this old account when there were no such things as IP blocks, so this would be a genuine...
By Rancidrode - 2016-05-07 14:24:19 in Eniripsa
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So when the Xelor and Sadi revamp hit I made a thread for both where people could post some tips and tricks they found out of their newly revamped classes. Same here ! I'll start by a simple trick to heal 15% HP in an AoE ( 6AP to set up, 2AP afterwards ).

It's very simple. Summon a cawwot ( now heals 3% ) and use Paralysing Word on it ( heals 12%hp in a 2cell AoE at the end of the eni's turn ). That's 6AP to set it up first turn, and then 2AP to use Paralysing on it the turns afterwards. You're...