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This is a closed RP between Ralph Saint and Bayne, the old Sacrier friends. It takes place rightafter Snowflakes, another story. Please, the story is already made and we won't accept additional characters in the story. The sole exception is if someone asks to have their character introduced in the story. Then me and Bayne will try to come into an agreement into WHERE to put this character, and will, of course, if needed to, inform the person if the character won't be able to join. Of course, constructive...
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I've been a Sacrier player for a long time, and just now I'm starting to use a very nifty spell, called Evasion. Basically, it gives you a set chance (from 5% to 17%) to not receive damage from an enemy attack by moving one square back. BUT, it still retains every effect of the enemy attack. For example, you can dodge a Spitment's damage, but you will never escape it's knockback property. Same with, for example, escape the AP-loss of Temporal Dust (even though you can dodge it, being an AoE damage...